Social event

Sightseeing tour and Conference Dinner

On Thursday, July 2, there will be an excursion followed by a conference dinner. The conference dinner will take place in the  one of the best restaurant complex in Vilnius "Belmontas".

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About the Sightseeing Tour 

Date: July 2, Thursday

Time: from 17:00 p.m.

I did not think Lithuania is such a beautiful and clean country“ – once were told by a visitor.  To prove this we are inviting you to take a part in this tour and see by yourself the most picturesque and magnificent views of Vilnius panorama.

Gediminas Tower

It is one of the must visit places in the capital of Lithuania. The symbol of Vilnius has a very interesting legend that every guest of city has to hear. Small but strong castle have withstood many attacks of Crusader so it makes this place so special to Lithuanians. Visiting this place gives you a unique opportunity to know more about Vilnius city history. Also from the hill appears a stunning view of Vilnius’ contrasts.

Companile of St. John‘s Church

The exclusive panoramic view of Vilnius can be admired from the highest building in the Old Town – the campanile of St. John’s Church. Unforgettable view of red roofs will leave the best impression to everyone. Moreover, visitors will be fascinated by Foucault’s Pendulum demonstrating the effect of rotation of the Earth. During the day, the swinging ball changes its position and imitates the rotation of the Earth. 

 The viewpoint of Subačius

This place is one of the newest modern viewpoints of Vilnius where the magnificent view of Vilnius appears. All together - The Gediminas Tower, The Hill of Three Crosses and the roofs of unique churches can be seen right from here. Moreover, the sunset from this point reminds a fairytale. 

 The Bastion of Vilnius

This is part of the Vilnius Defensive Wall, often called "barbican". The Bastion is a Renaissance-style fortification characterised by its original construction. It consists of a tower installed in the city defence wall, underground gun ports and a connecting corridor, which turns into a 48-metre long tunnel. Also, you can enjoy a picturesque view of the Old Town from the Bastion terrace, where we offer to try your mathematic skills and count the number of the Vilnius churches‘ roofs.  


The top of Tauras Hill provides a magnificent view of Vilnius with the buildings of the 19-20th architecture on this side of the river and many-storeyed buildings of the new city centre on the other. Tauras Hill is a popular place among citizens, especially young people. In winter time, people come here with snowboards and sleds to enjoy their time with family. 

Pučkoriai Exposure

The Pūčkoriai exposure is a unique geological monument, the highest and the most impressive exposure in Lithuania. Its height exceeds 65 metres. Visiting this place is a great opportunity to spend some time in a fresh air, to watch the nature of Lithuania and relax by walking around the forest. 

Conference Dinner Time in "Belmontas"

"Belmontas" is one of the best restaurant complex in Vilnius. The idea of reconstruction of the French (Belmont) mill complex was based on great respect for our historical relics and wonderful Vilnius landscape. All authentic buildings and their parts were diligently preserved and restored; their current purpose is at maximum adapted to the old mill building plan and space structures. Surrounded by special  atmosphere we will invite you to have a dinner during which you have an opportunity to watch Lithuanian folk ensemble.